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 Vampires Pics

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PostSubject: Vampires Pics   Vampires Pics EmptyMon Dec 15, 2008 9:44 pm

I always found them attractive and damn sexy... just look at that look in their eyes drool

My own vampire pics:

Manip by Trennas:

Vampires Pics Vampir10

Manip by Acronymous (member of ET)

Vampires Pics Redvam10

Master of chang-fu, tofu and okidoki Vampires Pics Kar
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Linn Scarlett
Linn Scarlett

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PostSubject: Re: Vampires Pics   Vampires Pics EmptyThu Jun 25, 2009 9:42 pm

Geh. I don't have vampire pictures of myself :O
I guess I am not such a hard-core vampire-fan that way. It really all boils down to my minor obsession with Vlad and even that is turning more on the historical than fictional side. Though I do enjoy my fair share of Castlevania-Dracula-ebilness every so often. j

I do have a painting in my room though, gifted to me by a friend who somehow got this idea that I've an obsession with a certain romanian prince. My mom thinks the painting is creepy. I love it.
Could have done with a little more stubble but... well... can't go on a painting all unshaven now can you? <3

Vampires Pics Vla1
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Vampires Pics
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