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 Dear Santa

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Dear Santa Empty
PostSubject: Dear Santa   Dear Santa EmptyTue Dec 09, 2008 10:16 pm

So that this year I don't get another perfume, cause I have about 5, or another stuffed toy, cause I have no more place for it, I decided that it's more practical to make a list for my significant other, so that he can pick something and make it a surprise (we women know that men do not understand allusions, subtleties and other delicate diplomatic ways we use; they need drawings, preferably including size, colour, code and store address).

Dear Santa Claus,

This year, because Iíve been a good girl and I married Dani (which deserves a prize by itself), because at the wedding I havenít been shy and Iíve been the perfect host and I also already put up the Christmas tree, I would like you to bring me (without asking for a professional photo camera, because I know you donít have the means):

∑ The Discworld Art, because Iím a huge Pratchett fan

∑ A brilliant future, by Cathťrine Cusset

∑ The elves, by Bernhard Hennen

∑ The black satin skirt with dots, size 34 (equivalent to size 1 in USA), from [store name censored, cause I donít do free advertising, Santa knows where from]

∑ Dress with white, violet and pink stripes, size 36, from [idem]

∑ Garnet-red shirt-dress (means dark red), size 36, from [idem again]

∑ Any other cute gift, besides whatís already on the list

∑ Snow

If I get what I want, Iíll be nice to Dani. If not, your reindeers will suffer.

Merry Christmas!

Denisa, recently Madam IÖ

All please share your letters to Santa grin

Master of chang-fu, tofu and okidoki Dear Santa Kar
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Dear Santa
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