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 Sonnets la Linderel

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Linderel Silverbell
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Linderel Silverbell

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PostSubject: Sonnets la Linderel   Wed Feb 06, 2008 11:43 pm

Last May, I dared to try my hand at composing a sonnet for the very first time. Before that, my forays to the different poetic forms consist mostly of haiku and acrostics. To this day, I have only written three sonnets - none of which are perfectly orthodox - mainly because of the difficulty. However, even if troublesome, it is a lovely and rewarding form. I will add to this post as I write more.
If you have any feedback, please leave a comment on this topic. :)

Verse of longing

Come hither. See; it is a lovely day
to sit in shade, enjoy the gentle breeze;
in thy sweet-lipped melodies to drown, sway
that bliss I would my constant ache appease

Honeyed whispers my pleading lips to balm;
thy graceful steps a sight mine eyes to bless.
I yearn: Embrace thy lithe body, so warm
This evening I will have no more, no less

thou beauteous bird of mine, my dearest
Calliope queen of hearts, of their breaking
My words they flow though naught will quench my thirst
I covet thy smiles they leave me shaking

A flower, born of desire, each petal
by one thy tender skin will caress, touch.


Eve of the Winter Ball

My soul alight with possibility
tonight our paths may meet, perhaps even join
yet I shan't have class - nor receive pity
so humbly, as decided with toss of coin

As winds whisper sweet nothings in my ears
this timid resolve grows inside my heart
to find solace with love's blind guidance; fears
so small beside memories of being apart
that the world matters not for this one night

Did anyone ever see your brilliant smile?
I willed it to return with all my might
yet you avoided this gaze every while

Call irony, or whatever you wish
I'm your chosen valentine - and you are mine


Dawn at the Fae Court

As morning dew so quietly gathered
upon the silky petals of flowers
on a meadow beside the riverbed
beneath trees so tall, as ancient towers
where faeries often held merry balls
young children trooped out, enjoying the sun
and soon stumbled into the fae queen's halls

While others broke, giggling, into a run
one tiptoed lightly round her bed of fern,
of softest moss; and timidly, shyly touched

For one brief moment, held in gaze so stern
as queen Titania woke and sat up
she stood quite still, nervously fidgeting
until she noticed: the queen was smiling

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Tragic Romeo
Tragic Romeo

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PostSubject: Re: Sonnets la Linderel   Fri Feb 08, 2008 5:52 pm

(lots of info and stuff in http://poets.com they have a free trial membership i was on the old site and am on the new site as origionalmerlin i am not thrilled with the new site but the info is great (feel free to look up my name and read my sub standard typoetry (guarenteed to make you feel better about your own wonderful stuff... andrew
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Sonnets la Linderel
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