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 Put a Descriptive Title

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PostSubject: Put a Descriptive Title   Put a Descriptive Title EmptySat Jun 27, 2009 10:06 am

In my article on how to make Your Word Press Blog Search-Engine-Friendly, I mentioned some of the benefits of having the title of Web Design Services web page or at least the key portions of it as part of your URL. The main thing from that article that is relevant to the discussion here is, instead of naming your files "page1.html",

"page2.html" and so on, names them "title-of-your-webpage.html".

A filename with your title, or at least the main keywords from your title, serves at least 2 purposes:

When someone posts about your site in a forum or their blog, very often they'll just dump the URL into that post. If your filename is sufficiently descriptive, a reader looking at the post will be able to decide whether or not to click the link to visit your web page.

The link to your site containing the title also gives the search engines a clue about what your page is about. The hint, along with the text occurring on your web page, will help the search engine decide whether to return it in the results when someone searches for a relevant topic.

However, it isn't wise to just load every important word Web Design Services can think of into your filename. This makes your filenames look very "spammy". Internet-savvy users, seeing such a link in the forums, are less likely to click on such links. Long filenames also have their own problems, which leads me to the next point.
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Put a Descriptive Title
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