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 Werewolves: woolvies in HP

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Linn Scarlett
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Werewolves: woolvies in HP Empty
PostSubject: Werewolves: woolvies in HP   Werewolves: woolvies in HP EmptyThu Jun 25, 2009 9:33 pm

So, surely, this topic hasn't started yet. Well, not yet on this forum anyway!
In the light of the new Harry Potter movies releasing soon I (and certain friends) have been holding our hearts as various characters will be cast and portrayed for the first time in the Half-Blood Prince.

Naturally, as this is the werewolf section, we're going to widely discuss and/or dispute what Hollywood is going to do to rape poor Fenny! Because we all love and feel pitty for the big bad in-his-50s uber werewolf. Now would be the time to leave if you disagree *points gun at visitor* unless you like eating silver bullets. Razz

Werewolves: woolvies in HP _45674007_greyback416image

Alright, so I am going to be honest here. Clothes? Sexy, keepers for sure. Build? Oh yea darling, though for my personal taste he could have done with a tiny bit of a belly. He lives on beer for God's sake and he's of German origins. It should show, at least a little Wink Eyes? Awesome. Dental work? Wicked! Hair-do? Em. No. Body hair? Could be better. Other down sides? Lack of claws and copious amounts of hair. Personal taste requires a tail and more doggy ears.

All in all verdict? Could be worse. Going for a 7 on the presumption I am just obsessed with hairy men and not everybody has that taste. Razz I mean, everybody knows I am a much bigger fan of the Makani style.

Werewolves: woolvies in HP Fenrir2

(link to enormous propshow picture: http://www.aceshowbiz.com/images/still/harry_potter_hbp45.jpg )

Ok. So those mugshots never look good. Love the earring though, a bit gay but a nice touch I should have thought of myself. Goattee and sideburns is definately a keeper, though could have been more like Wolverine/Sabretooth. I always thought he was grayer but, well, it's gray and I don't mean to pick and peen at everything I can think of (which I am going to do anyway).

Though I still think they should have just given Toombs (Nick Chinlund/Chronicles of Riddick) a gray-over, better dentals and a tail.

Werewolves: woolvies in HP Nick_Chinlund_2004_03
Ok, so maybe he looks sweet in this picture? This man has INSANE grins. They're perfect. And he has the aged face (this is actually a compliment...) to pull off the ancient yet totally infamous, scary and awesome uber werewolf of brittain. And maybe even the whole world.

I think they tried a bit too hard for the movie. They were right there and then they went all overboard. Mostly, I think, its the hair do. Moar furrrrrrr! blow
So what do you guys think? Any ideas, thoughts, comments etc?

Though I guess, in the end, I'll just watch HP:HBP like 10 times until I like their rendering of Fen. Geh. The vocals, lewd comments and inuedos and overal badassness in acting is going to be a big maker-or-breaker on this for me.
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Werewolves: woolvies in HP
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