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 Run away with me, by Esk

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Run away with me, by Esk Empty
PostSubject: Run away with me, by Esk   Run away with me, by Esk EmptyWed Mar 25, 2009 6:03 pm

‘Let’s run away’, I said and she closed her eyes and sighed:
‘Eh, if only It was that easy…’
I left the bed and went to the window. It was getting dark and soon we would have to dress up and go back home, each one to her life. I heard the sheets being moved apart behind me and a few moments after I felt her arms around my waist. I turned around, I took her blonde head in my palms and I kissed her for a long moment, then I hid my face in her hair, letting my thoughts stray. I would so much loved to take her away, take her to some place where I could have her for me alone, even if it was for a night only, to watch her sleep and see her untidy hair in the morning. Since we have been together, it hadn’t happened even once…
‘Where did you go?’ she whispered her question, moving softly away from me and looking into my eyes.
I let out a sigh. What could I tell her? I knew she wouldn’t come with me anyway, that she wouldn’t leave apart her usual life so that she’d spend some days with me, away of cold hotel rooms and acquaintances that thought we were just close friends.
‘Do you love me?’ I asked, instead of answering her.
‘I love you… very… very… much’ she said, kissing me after every word.
I smiled, then moved away and started to get dressed. She didn’t say a word; she just picked up all her clothes and started putting them on, one by one, with a playful look in her eyes and moving her body in a slow dance. I wished I could have pushed her back in bed, bit her shoulders and kneaded her white body until, exhausted, she would have fallen asleep in my arms, but we were out of time. Goddamn time that put us limits and decided of our separations before we even knew when we were going to see each other.
‘You’re gorgeous, darling, and you know I want you, but right now you’re simply mean.
I smiled to her and went in front of the window to knot my necktie. She liked when I wore masculine clothes, I could see it in her eyes each time I arrived for our date, she didn’t have to say anything. On the other hand, I felt I was the leader of our relationship and, day by day, I started liking playing with my clothes and my look.
Lavinia sat down on the bed and started pulling up one of her stockings, rolling it slowly, like a caress, up her leg. I could see her look in the mirror, she was trying to get my attention, to provoke me. I turned around and kneeled before her. I took her bare foot in my palms and kissed it softly, going up her ankle, her thigh. I looked up and saw that she had closed her eyes and let her head lean back; I knew what that meant. Instead of going on, I deposed a short kiss on her knee, stood up and went back to the mirror to refresh my make-up.
‘Come on, love, get dressed, someone’s waiting for you at home’ I said.
She pouted and put on her stockings and her shoes, then looked at me as if she was waiting for me.
‘I thought you wanted to leave before me. Or you made up a valid excuse for being seen leaving with me?’ I asked, as I knew she was really (too) afraid that someone would find out our secret.
She stepped away from the door and came right in front of me.
‘I think I started not caring about that anymore.’
I put the lipstick down, leaned against the wall and crossed my arms.
‘You do’, I repeated, smiling.
‘I do’, she said seriously.
I raised a that’s-hard-to-believe eyebrow.
‘Then why won’t you come with me somewhere far from here, to be alone with me at least for a few days?’
Lavinia remained quiet and looked down. I waited for a few seconds, then picked up the rest of my stuff and wanted to leave. She still didn’t say anything. When I touched the doorknob, she ran after me, she caught me into her arms and forced me to turn around.
‘I’ll come with you’, she whispered.

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Run away with me, by Esk
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