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 Fantasy movies

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PostSubject: Fantasy movies   Fantasy movies EmptySun Jan 18, 2009 4:11 pm

After seeing Lord of the Rings several times, i've become a sucker for fantasy. Unfortunately, there are not many movies of the same kind (for example I've seen a Dungeons & Dragons movie and I've been very disappointed, elves do NOT have dark hair sleep).
So can anyone recommend me something, please?

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Linn Scarlett
Linn Scarlett

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PostSubject: Re: Fantasy movies   Fantasy movies EmptyThu Jun 25, 2009 10:03 pm

Pan's Labyrinth. But that is more dark WWII gothic than real Fantasy I get. *walks to her DvD stacks yet again* Let me see.

Nope. Nothing of Lord of the Ring proportions. There should be, I have seen a few, but I can't name them and I don't own them so. To be continued. I hope. I have more gothic fantasy movies though, bordering on the paranormal. Such as Pan's Labyrinth and Lady in the Water.

Oh! You could try the mini-series The Tenth Kingdom! Its hilarious and a comedy-romance I guess. Let me tell you the werewolf and lame jokes are worth it. If you need any books, I'd start some DnD. I rather like Dragonlance myself (they're making graphic novels! Want!) or Salvatores Drow series if you're more into the dark stuff (I gots the graphic novel series toos! Jeeej!). The last really good book I read was "Dead Girls are Easy", a teen bob by Terri Garey. Read it in one sit, was hilarious. :)
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Fantasy movies
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